Know someone who needs a dose of humor and wisdom to cope with the current turmoil in U.S. politics?  You've found the perfect gift.

Inside you'll find a collection of Trump's most iconic quotes set next to timeless spiritual wisdom from Buddha, God, Jesus, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Nietzsche, Oprah, neuroscience, and more.  They all lead to one burning question:

If a guru is a doorway to God, and Trump is a doorway to a guru, is Trump then a doorway to God?


Donald Trump has shown the world one tweet at a time that there is really no one behind the curtain, just a man with a phone. He has controlled the media like a part-time hobby, changing the political conversation of the entire planet without ever seeming concerned. 

This book pits Trump's most iconic quotes against timeless spiritual wisdom. It is presented as a series of mini-dialogues between Trump and Buddha, Trump and God, or Trump and a guru, face to face. 

It's an exercise in contrast; absurdity in juxtaposition. Some pairings work in response, some as criticism, and some as translation of accidental wisdom. But they all lead to the same question:

If a guru is a doorway to God... ?

Who created this book?

In 2017 I developed an addiction to Trump news in the daytime while reading Buddhist books at night.  The two worlds collided in my brain, and the explosions wouldn't stop until "The Trump Guide to Spirituality" became a reality.  

For work, I'm a college instructor in downtown Vancouver, Canada, and live near Gastown in the downtown Eastside. My walk to work takes me past Gucci shops next to welfare housing, and million dollar condos sprinkled with syringes at their doorsteps. The contrasts are extreme and leave a lot to be pondered, as does the gap between Trump's Twitter feed and age-old wisdom: a contrast that this book plays with. 

On a personal note: I have no pets, an old bike I ride obsessively, a wise, hilarious, and beautiful girlfriend named Toy, a Swiffer, 2 plants, 1 padded rug, and a freakishly polarized view of both sparkly downtown Vancouver and less sparkly Pigeon Park.  

I made this book to spark more interesting conversations while bringing levity to a loaded topic at an unprecedented time. Equally important: sharing the principle of equanimity and waking up on beaches a few more weeks a year. 

I think you'll enjoy this. Pete :) 


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